Monday, 20 April 2015

Danger in the sea.

It's hard for us to imagine the desperation needed to get onto a small boat and cross a large expanse of water to begin a new life in a new country!

Watching the drama being played out on our screens is equally puzzling and scary.

Those of us who live by a sea used for leisure sailing...enjoying playing with our boats....learning how to manage the dangers found on an unreliable ocean, know that we have always to remember that the sea is a moody beggar and its moods can change rapidly in an instant.

Holidays here with friends when we frequently sailed from one shore to another we wore our lfe jackets, which good skippers always ensured we were wearing before setting out. I had friends who bought life jackets and harnesses for their dogs , since their safety was just as important as ours. If whilst we were sailing anyone got out the biscuits we knew we were in potential trouble.

Even given some scary moments whilst we played with our small boats we enjoyed and still do life on the ocean wave which is the main reason why as an old woman I now go off in huge boats around the world.

To see so many people setting off on creaky boats , preferring the possibility of death by drowning to staying in countries run by bokum haram makes us all feel impotent , angry and fearful for the future!

Even as we pray the desperation apparent in all these people goes on. But we have to pray .....largely because it's all we can do right now!

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