Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter sun!

Having been rushing around in the last few days I have seen an enormous number of visitors here! The beaches are full. The car parks are full. The season has started!

Glorious weather has brought out very many wonderful flowers . It is certainly a good time to visit...

Boats are back in the water! Yesterday the small harbour in the village was full of ribs. Small inflatables moored up to iron rings not used since last summer.

We are all joining in . This weather is Meditarranean and I have brought out the garden chairs and opened up the summer house!

We have to remind ourselves that it is only April even though it feels like August.

It still hurts to remember that David is missing this wonderful period.... But I know I am now moving on mentally....

I still chat to him as I go...I still say thank you to him whenever I walk the garden path he put in during his last months.

Clergy, exhausted after a very busy Easter are taking the opportunity to be with their families so I have a busy weekend....two services on Sunday is hard work now for me now but I can do this....I think!

Life is getting back to feeling normal again! Thank you God!

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  1. Sounds good. It's not be quite as lovely here in North Kent, but it has given us some bright, warm days. The cats are adopting their summer posture and have migrated form the house to sleeping in the Conservatory and basking in the sun coming into it - they don't like wind, so have the best of both worlds. No wind, but warm sun, maginfied by the glass. Luckily they're all black, don't want to risk sunburn, which can happen to light coloured cats.

    Hoping that you have a good time - survive the weekend and carry on regardless, but with the space and time to rest, reflect and enjoy the garden.