Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Eating or speaking?

I had to explain to an old friend today that I had had a week unable to talk or eat. There was a fairly longish pause...

"Which of those did you miss most?"

Well this needed some thought.

As a single woman there is no need to speak much...except in church.

Food was irrelevant for some time last year so that didn't bother me too much either so it was a hard one to answer till I remembered that I'd rudely cut a conversation short because it hurt too much to contribute!

So speech wins! But that got me pondering on how those people who can't communicate for various reasons feel.

My problem was temporary...and anyway there was still writing...which led me to the conclusion that in this solitary life I am now living I have fastened on the ability to chat and it really doesn't matter if there's no one actually present when I speak!

I know that people do read what I write but I suspect that I'd still be blogging even if no one knew about it. So how many more of us are out there falling into this category!

It's not that we are lonely....even if we live alone....its that we need to occasionally say something worth while or funny or left wingish...and that really is the essence of Twitter and Facebook....even if there is no other human being for miles which is sometimes literally true in my case, there is always some one out the ether, and not big brother but other human beings with aspirations , doubts and hopes.

As I grow older this thought cheers me in an odd way. It's not the same as having a dog or a cat. It's certainly not the same as having a husband or a child but it is still a valid means of communication and I am grateful for it!


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