Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Election promises!

I am becoming increasingly impressed with the Green Party"s pronouncements! I have voted Green in the past where proportional representation ensured that they got one MEP into Brussels!

I enjoyed their leaders contribution to the televised debate.

When I listen to the promises from the parties it's as though the clock has been turned back several decades! Council homes to buy, pouring money into the NHS, balancing the books, clearing our financial defecit. We have all heard it all before...several times in the case of those of us who are ancient.

The world has changed and the only party who recognises that is the Green Party. Many of the battle grounds rehearsed day after day by the main parties are the hostages to the fortune we have already taken our position on. Perhaps that's the point...they hope that if they push familiar buttons our traditional votes may go their way!

The chances are that as we get closer, the promises will get wilder and become impossible to carry out.

I hope that there will be no negative campaigning....that puts me off quicker than any other...any party engaging in personal insults lose my vote instantly...it is insulting to the electorate to assume we will react to their slurs by voting for the party that uses them.

We are not at the finishing line yet....I am listening...and considering my choice....what ever happens it looks increasingly likely that we will end with coilition government. So every vote counts.

The words used by the leader of the Green Party are the only words to inspire me yet..."Vote for what you believe in." Fair enough!



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