Thursday, 16 April 2015



I buy things on line that I can no longer shop for in person. When I lived near London I loved shopping at Libertys if only to scare my husband every time I turned up in his office with a bright Liberty bag,

Now it's only occasional purchases, often gifts for special occasions. So I am on their email list!

Yesterday a large heavy envelope arrived. It was addressed to "Rev Jean Rolt"

Fine! I opened it and a glossy magazine fell out plus an accompanying letter.

This was also addressed to me. It reads. " Dear Father Rolt"

Father? Erm. . When I was first ordained my then parish priest otherwise known as "Father" asked me how I would like to be addressed.

"Jean" I said firmly. He played around with mother, sister, etc but I stuck to Jean.

Now in the old days when female priests were rare it was common to be mistaken for the vicars wife.

A knock on the door and a man asking for the vicar was often amazed by the answer , "I am the vicar"

These days I would have thought we are too well known for anyone to make this mistake. Apart from Liberty clearly!

It gets better!

Reading the letter is a wonderful experience....there are delicious new fragrances, skin creams, hair products, all the good father needed to maintain beautiful skin and hair!

Addressed to a bloke and advertising female beauty products? Really?

Liberty seriously needs to give a little thought to their marketing techniques!


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