Saturday, 18 April 2015

Good morning BBC .

I am still waking up very early most first action is to tap the radio by the bed and filled with very many words my mind often drifts back into sleep.

Sunday morning is different. I am out early for the various eight o'clock communions very frequently so once the radio is tapped I listen, willing myself not to doze off!

The BBC has now apparently got rid of the endless farming programmes in favour of more arty offerings.

Easter morning was simply beautiful. I regret that I can name nothing that they played but I do know it was beautiful. Music, poetry, a gift to start the day well!

I feel almost as strongly about Aunty Beeb as I do about the NHS!

Growing up in a household lacking books or any way of playing music the BBC provided me with food for the soul in Children's Hour. The music accompanying classic serials was a constant revelation to me.

But it was the words that mattered. Wandering with Nomad brought the child from a grim terrace in Rochdale into the countryside , finding plants never found along the cobbled streets where I lived.

As well as the children's programmes were the serials like Dick Barton, special agent. Diaries such as the one kept by Mrs Dale inspired my diary writing, now translated into blogging.

I owe much of my inner interland of words and music to the BBC and I am thankful for the change to the early morning programmes of late.

The election broadcasts are riveting and are claiming my attention daily! Long may it continue.

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