Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I am aware that over the last year and a half I have been far more sedentary than I used to be. Not having a dog to walk is a factor as are lost muscles during the time I stayed at home with David.

Yesterday I planned my walk. Returning to the village I once lived in I parked on a cliff top car park and walked down to the coastal path. I planned to follow the path into the village , along the lugger and out the other side to walk along the beautiful cliff path.

I did do it but at every point along the way were people I knew! They were all out enjoying the sunshine!

I ended up at one point sipping a half pint of shandy and sitting in bright sunshine outside my old local with a friend I hadn't seen in years!

Walking back I found another couple had produced chairs for us to sit on whilst looking out to sea .

I suppose it's only natural that I know so many more people there than where I live now in solitary splendour perched on a different set of cliffs.

The highlight of the walk was my visit to the old chapel which looks out to sea at the end of the lugger.

It has always been beautiful and now it has been renamed "The Retreat" Armchairs sit near a coffe machine and an invitation to sit quietly and share its beauty and holy quietness!

It is a credit to everyone....And I'm glad to have seen it....I must do more of my rambles.....God willing.