Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sun protection.

In the last month life has got busy! My diary is filling up day by day. All the various strands of my life are calling out for attention and I suppose that's a good thing but I find my self wishing for a few quieter moments now the weather is so wonderful.

All the warnings though about skin cancer have taken up position in my head.

Yesterday I moved sun beds into position. The summer house is now clean and tidy...we are ready for summer but somehow once I've had the sun on my face for half an hour I find myself going off to find the sun tan lotion.

The suns rays here are already quite strong though not compared to those I enjoyed in the Caribbean at Christmas!

I do find though that I am unwilling to allow myself to have too much sun. A neighbour of mine developed skin cancer which became increasingly visible during his last months.

Another fair haired friend also had a brief flirtation with it and now wears long sleeved shirts and large hats whenever he's on his boat!

Maybe that's why I have become very aware of the danger but this week I have been using the protective lotion every day....I will be content with a pale face for the first time in years! My mahogany days are over!

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  1. I'm very fair-skinned and can't cope with much sun at a time, but still manage to get a light tan every summer, even using sunscreen lotion. You just have to be patient. :)