Thursday, 2 April 2015

Time to decide....

Sitting for two hours watching a political debate looked unlikely...I started with the thought that I could always turn over if necessary .

Gosh no....I was riveted . The women stole the show for me! Splendid women...all three of them. Of course I am female so there is some prejudice.....

I watched not really knowing where my vote would go but I have a clearer view now! The three main parties quickly followed party political lines!

In the past I have voted Labour, Liberal, Plaid Cymru. Social Democrat ( those were the days! ) and Green.

For months I have not really known who I was going to vote for...but I'm much clearer now!

It would be simpler if we had proportional representation , it would be better if I could persuade myself that a vote for an unlikely candidate was not going to be wasted!

Truro has a history of excellent Liberal MPs......but the present incumbent is a woman who is also a Conservative. She has been a good MP as far as I know but the young liberal candidate actually turned up here in our village last month to attend a meeting designed to fight for our village pharmacy.

The desicion process is now firmly in place...what ever I decide I shall be voting for last night was a good start for the process of decision.

It will be an interesting month!


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  1. I got home from our three hour stint at St M's just in time for the so-called debate.
    For me it seemed that very few people had anything new to say, and when they did they were mostly shouted down by the ghastly Farage.
    Like you, I was impressed by the women but also like you I fin d it difficult to be sure who to 'waste' my vote on.
    Let's get Easter over and then it will be time for some serious thinking.