Saturday, 23 May 2015

A small procedure.

Since hearing my wart redesignated as a carsonoma I have had a couple of strange weeks. I have not been thinking about it all the time but I have been anxious about all sorts of unrelated things. I have been timid several times and have not done things that needed to be done.

Yesterday I saw the eye specialist...He lost no time in telling me that my skin cancer had to go...the sooner the better. It could apparently get into the eye when trouble would begin in a very nasty way!

So I now have an appointment. It will be cut off the week after next. I am booked in for day surgery and will be able to go home afterwards.

Strangely I feel very much better now, less anxious, stronger and relieved that it's going to be sorted out.

I have been helped through all of this by the help of the same couple who also were there when I was taking Davd for radio therapy.

Facing illness as a single woman is much more daunting than it is when you are half of a couple. I am extremely grateful for the help that has been given with great goodwill and humour.

Now I know that I am booked in for a small procedure I can relax....a bit .

What is weird is that the small addition that I have been used to and accepted for years is actually a form of skin cancer...

However its days are now numbered...God willing.



  1. The thing about day surgery is that despite the misnomer you still have the complications of anesthetic to get over. So, driving won't be an option afterwards. I hope the friends will be there to take you and to collect you afterwards.

    Had it a couple of years ago, and it took me a couple of days to recover (different thing and cause of course). I rushed back to work and regretted it afterwards as I had to come home again (which in those days was a 54 mile drive). Older and wiser now I'm glad to say.

    [*] for you and the procedure, and I'm quite sure that you'll be on here telling us the outcome soon afterwards :)

  2. I understand your feeling of relief now that you have a firm date for the procedure.
    Half the problems with things going wrong physically is that we don't know the what's why's and when's.
    Ernie is quite right about the 'day' procedure being only the hospital's version. The patient will have a different view.
    Take care,, good luck, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery X

  3. I had a similar skin cancer removed five years ago. You can check out my blog story of what it looked like here.
    I LITERALLY can't see the scar today, even when I look for it.

    1. Thank you so much Abbie....mine is in much the same position but twice as big...You have alerted me to the fact that I might be christening a baby a few days later with a black eye!