Saturday, 2 May 2015

A time to reflect!

It's dark and misty outside this morning....yesterday was cold and windy...we seem to have moved from Spring to summer and back to winter again inside a couple of weeks!
I am reassured that this is an actuality and not a reflection of my state of mind but a period of some uncertainty is now assured for everyone not just me......
The coming election seems to herald change for us all and heaven knows some change is needed for many of us!
Growing older alone is OK....I was a widow when I moved here fifteen years ago....But I was also much younger....and I had my dog!
This week I have been working my way through the cuboards and the wardrobes in the house....and there is a growing pile of stuff to throw out!
This house, a Cornish Farmhouse is not pretty! It is not the romantic image of quaintness . It is a rectangular unadorned whitish block! It needs a new coat of white this summer. I have toyed with having it painted pink! But I know how much everyone else would hate it!
Slowly I am trying to sort out all its rooms. The garden, the size of a football field is now looking pretty and is a haven of peace . Whilst we have Bank holidays during this period of the year it is the ideal retreat!
There is so much to be thankful for...and I am...God is still good....

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  1. It sounds as if you're taking the measure of your personal environment and trying to move forward a bit. It is perhaps a timely thing to be doing. Of course, we all fret about being cluttered up in our lives, not just with possessions - but with the past and what the future might hold.

    I can see that despite the weather, that you have chosen the road of positivity, rather than stagnation and leaving things untouched - this is a sign for me of choice of personal change, perhaps change that is needed wider than just ourselves.

    I just listened and watched David Cameron defending his position passionately on BBC Breakfast in conversation with Mike Bushell. Despite the passion, I didn't find anything compassionate about his rhetoric. In fact, the whole episode left me even more disconnected with politics and politicians in general. As I've already cast a postal vote, my personal outcome is no doubt already decided. But just like the last general election I will be able to say in good conscience that I didn't vote for any of the mainstream parties and selected a colourful alternative. :)