Sunday, 17 May 2015

Avoiding the sun!

Something quite significant seems to have happened to me in the last week! For the first time in my life I am not enjoying the sun!

We have good sun here, strong and at times.

Every year till this one I have rushed outside to soak up the rays. Not any more.

The words carcinoma and cancer have lodged in my brain and during the last two sun filled days I have stayed indoors.

Yesterday afternoon realising what had happened I forced myself out....I walked the neighbouring beach barefoot, remembered what great fun I had had on it with my golden retrievers and then sat in the shade!

Going for a cooling lemonade I sat under a brolly....

Oh hell.....this thing on my face is not aggressive. It is classed as benign....but I am reluctant to test this by giving it some sun.

I realise that Christmas in the Carribean has started this trend.....I did not stay exposed for very long and always put lotion on......

Having spent a good part of my life brown skinned mostly I am now it seems doomed to be pallid!

So be it Lord.....just one more thing to get used to in old age........


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