Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Corruption exposed.

I can't remember a time when the news was so depressing. From FIFA to MP's to church leaders , it seems that those people who should be above reproach are the very people who have acted badly.

Money and sex seem to be the main motivations. The revelation of abuse starting with Saville and going on to others in authority or holding a high public profile in show business or government are staggering and have led to some very old men ending their lives in prison.

We should be glad that a light has now been shed onto squalid high profile "parties" where children were regularly used for sex but the scale of it has now become so shocking that I am left wondering if anyone anywhere in positions of trust and authority has not failed at some point.

None of us is perfect and times have changed....what may have seemed alright decades ago is now brought into the light with horror .

MP's claiming massive expenses, FIFA officials taking bribes, money perversion seems just as prevalent as sex scandals!

The world we live in has undergone massive change in fifty years...what could be hidden by the evil doers can now be exposed and I suppose we should be glad that it is but I am reminded of the fall of Rome, emperors feasting whilst the barbarian hoards approach the gates!

I do not believe that we are all doomed or that we are all guilty but enough of us are prepared to use the system to gratify our desire for wealth or sex or fame to impinge on the future of our children.

Finding more fossil fuels to burn, making money now regardless of the future of our planet is I think part of the problem too.

The two motivations and sex are difficult to resist if you hold a position of power it seems..we are now finding out what has happened in our life time...who knows what future generations might uncover.

One thing is certain, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

We all share the way the system can be used to hide the is a tragedy that so many of us have used our positions of trust to cheat or use those less able than ourselves.

God help us all.....please!


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