Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Don't abandon principles or pledges.

The aftermath of the election is just as riveting as it was last time. The resignation of three party leaders in quick succession was I suppose only to be expected but it's the fate of the Libdems that sends shivers down my spine because it's all down to one man!

I had voted Lib Dem after the Iraq war in protest against the Blair myth of weapons of mass destruction. As an ancient socialist looking for the right party they came nearest to what I believed in. That notion changed in an instant when Clegg, clearly delighted in the rose garden at becoming the deputy Prime minister, shed his pledge to abolish university fees with little or no conception of how this made him look.

In my mind he became a man leading a party with no principles.

Now I know they did in fact do some good things and prevented some of the worst measures being carried out. But the overall impression was of a chancer....a man who had abandoned his beliefs. This carried on through the last election when he clearly had no notion that he'd done anything wrong.

The fast abandonment of a pledge was I believe what lost the principled Liberals their seats! And the House of Commons is a sadder place without them! I do not believe that anyone is going to try to persuade him to change his mind as they have with the UKIP leader!

Nor will anyone seek to ask Ed Milliband to stay. His reasons for failure are much more complicated and the Labour Party which I voted for during the best years of my life is now quite different from the idealistic forward thinking group of people I joined as an enthusiastic teenager.

Five years is a short time in politics...and people have long memories.

For good or ill we now have to hope and pray that somehow compassion for the disadvantaged , the poor the sick and the feckless will be shown at some point by the present administration.

But leaving various key people in their positions has not given me the feel good factor so far!

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