Friday, 22 May 2015

Hidden huts

I was taken out yesterday after lunch to see a new development in the village I used to live in. Tucked away around a corner were basic public loos...only really used at the height of the season.

They have now been replaced by very upmarket toilets...complete with large mirrors and modern sinks...

Around the corner from them is a new cafe....

I have walked past these new developments several times recently and never suspected their existence...

The cafe has several different beverages and excellent food, ranging from cheese and sausage filled baps to almond croissant.

We had cups of tea and took them to sit outside on high chairs gazing out to sea over the sea wall!

Whilst we were there several local people arrived to do the same thing....a row of quiet people just taking in the glorious view.

This is one of the best kept secrets! Unless you knew it was there you wouldn't ever find it! Single locals often start their day there I'm told...having a breakfast roll whilst taking in the rise and fall of the waves.

It's sister hut high on the cliffs near by enjoys wonderful reviews and is always booked up. This newish venture really is hidden...I walked past it last week totally unaware of its existence...

I shall go back soon!


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