Sunday, 3 May 2015

Horror in Africa!

The description of the release of some of the Bokum Haram prisoners In Nigeria has filled me with two emotions....pity and anger!

To treat people with such contempt is unthinkable in this day and age. To stone people to death just before they were going to be released is inhuman. To starve people to death especially children is simply incredible.

This group of people, young men mostly have taken prisoners with no means of looking after them. I'm sure that this may have been done before in History under circumstances that we are unaware of but today with cameras recording everything there is no possibility of long term secrecy!

That this has been done in the name of the prophet , in the guise of a religious crusade is an impossible and shaming thought.

We are all shamed by this growing band of young men rampaging through Africa and that shame fuels my anger. If I heard on the news that the young men had all been killed in a bloody assault I was be delighted!

This feeling is so foreign to me that it dismays me even to think it!

When it all started we comfortable Christians was all we could do at that stage .... And it still is but now the futility of this becomes more apparent daily!

I do not believe that any serious Muslim could actually believe that theirs is a Holy war!

"Love one another as I have loved you" Words that characterise the Christian religion and words that I try to live by but it's getting harder everyday not to hate the people doing these appalling human deeds.

Lord hear my prayer!

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