Saturday, 30 May 2015


The preparations for my small procedure next week are in themselves quite alarming! Screening for MRSA is now apparently mandatory. After my last visit to the hospital I was given a swab in both nostrils and my groin. Presumably they were all clear!
It is of course sensible to take these precautions but it has brought into sharp focus how the superbug has spread and is spreading. When David was having his radio therapy I was told that a stay in hospital would be far more dangerous than the long trail every day from home to hospital.
The last time I went visiting the sick in more than one ward I was given an antiseptic gel to use every time I changed wards. So they are trying very hard to stop the problem.
The form to fill detailing my medical history took quite a long time....the trip down memory lane revealed that most of my old age problems started in pregnancy with a long episode of pre eclampsia that I now realise I was lucky to survive.
It is so easy to assume that our present day problems are all the results of sloppy hygiene but the cry of "bring back the matrons" is not now going to help! Superbugs resistant to antibiotics are a fact.
Our world is over populated, that seems evident...medical research reveals that our over use of antibiotics has contributed to the present situation. People say that we need a new way of combatting the superbugs but should we not start with ourselves? To stop demanding the wonderful anti biotic, to be more aware of the dangers of modern life and to act on them.
But I have only realised all of this recently....I have been using anti septic gel before giving communion for years , but I will from now on give my hands a good scrub before setting off too!
The major troubles of the world are things I am impotent to deal with so its vital I think that I do the tiny things that I do have some control over. God willing.

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