Monday, 18 May 2015

My blockage!

And now for something completely different. Over the years I have tended to blog on what was on my mind.

Today it's drains.

I have a blockage. It's in my house not my body! .....and it's not a bad one yet but it does need to be sorted out before it gets any worse.

David used to regularly throw something down the toilets but I have no idea what !

This ancient farmhouse, has equally ancient plumbing...and a septic tank. I have tried to remember when it was last emptied but failed...over five years ago I think and during that five years I have acquired new neighbours who share the tank and they don't know either!

I have sent for a biological drain block remover, plus the young man next door says he has a friend with long probing instruments....

Or I could of course get a plumber in.....

This fairly small problem has chased the thought of the carcinoma out of my it's not all bad news.... But it just seems that every time I sort out one problem another appears...I am getting used to it!

I was going to say that any suggestions would be welcome but I am strangely anxious as to what might come my way! I can't pray for unblocked's practical help I need not an act of God.....well....

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  1. Practical arrived in the shape of my cleaner. She chucked stuff at far so good...we tried to remember when the tank was last emptied and failed....but right now the problem is if not solved at any rate relieved so I can go back to worrying about everything else again!