Thursday, 14 May 2015

Not another meeting!

It's been a week of meetings...quite apart from the trip to the hospital.

As I have become older my dislike for meetings has grown in direct ratio to the number I am called to attend. There were three afternoon meetings this week... Plus of course the usual midweek services.

I have become a little anti social of late and find myself mentally providing really good reasons why I can't go. Usually I then pull myself together and get on with it.

Mostly the meetings I try to avoid are the boring ones....the ones where long winded colleagues pontificate on matters esoteric as well as day to day minutely detailed planning.

Depending on how comfortable the seating is I could actually doze off at times. So far I haven't but I do catch myself sinking into a somnolent haze which requires a positive effort to shake off.

Eagle eyed chairmen of both sexes do sometimes cure this doziness by suddenly asking for my opinion.

The need to suddenly marshal my thoughts has the desired effect! It's more difficult to sleep if I'm called upon to speak!

Not all meetings have this soporific effect....yesterday's was very interesting attended by a very old colleague not seen for years.

I am hoping for similar today!



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