Saturday, 23 May 2015

Return to Dunkirk

Yesterday marked the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk. The extraordinary rescue of stranded soldiers from the beach in France was being remembered.

My late husband David had bought a Dunkirk little ship, spent time and money restoring her and joined the society dedicated to keeping the memory of heroism alive.

He became its commodore and led the return to Dunkirk for its 50th anniversary. Taking a flotilla of little boats across the channel spoke strongly to him of the courage and determination of the original seamen who risked their own lives and boats in order to save many lives.

We watched the 70th return on the television together five years ago with tears in both our eyes. He still had friends amongst those who made the epic crossing.

At his funeral the Dunkirk little ships society sent a wreath in the shape of their flag....

I now keep faith with him and those who made the return this weekend. To celebrate the courage needed to sail small boats across the channel and land on a beach facing gun fire is something to be inspired by I think.

I know how much the 75th Return would have meant to David and I salute those who once again took their boats over to France to take part in prayers and the laying of wreaths in the sea for those who did not make it home.

Those who hold this in their hearts are getting fewer every year...but this act of bravery will I think never be forgotten...I send love and prayers to David's friends who will keep the day special today!

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