Sunday, 3 May 2015

Save our planet!

This week has seen two seperate reports on climate change. One from the Vatican and the other from the Church of England. Both conclude that our burning of fossil fuel is the main factor involved.
Why are the churches getting involved? I have heard this question several times this week....there is an impatience with any church apparently being concerned and taking what seems to be a political stance on this subject.
It's not political though surely? It's inherent in our faith that we take care of the huge gift from God, our planet. Since Adam and Eve in the garden we have been charged with taking care of our use our resources well for the good of us all.
Now, it's not just that fossil fuels are running's  the way we have wantonly filled our atmosphere with "greenhouse" gasses that are pollutants .
The need to find renewable sources of fuel has never been greater...fracking, drilling for oil in the Arctic are short term solutions to a major problem for the whole planet surely?
Solar, wind and tide power are all possibilities that urgently need action and I am thankful that the churches are now addressing this issue.
In this general election, when we all vote this week , only one party has talked about climate change...only one party is taking this issue seriously. The others are squabbling as usual over the funding for the sort of life we all expect to lead! The NHS , taking centre stage is the most vital part of this election so far and I share that determination to keep it safe but for me even that comes secondary to the need to take care of our glorious , fruitful planet.
This why on Thursday I shall be voting Green.

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