Sunday, 10 May 2015


Having acquired a new iPad last week I have spent the weekend getting to grips with it.

iCloud never fails to amaze! I find things In small corners, nestling cosily , waiting for my attention.

Yesterday an email informed me that I had almost reached my limit for storage...when all the old stuff appeared as if by magic on my new device!

BT informed me that I could buy more storage space if required.....

I thought about this one and realised that in this house I still had all of David's stuff up there in the cloud unused but waiting patiently.

The answer seemed to be to get rid of it...but I couldn't do it...finding his things up there waiting gives a warm's an indication of his continued presence in my that has to stay.

I clicked the button to find out about buying more space.....instead of five gigabites I could increase it to twenty. Rather nervously I pressed "buy" and then will cost me 79 pence every month.... A price well worth paying for me to stop worrying about having to pare down all the junk lurking around waiting to be rediscovered....

Outside I have a barn full of old photos, books, notebooks inside this small iPad I have its equivalent.....I am clearly a serial hoarder but how amazing that what takes up quite a lot of room piled into boxes and old filing cabinets can now fit into a device the size of a slim paper back...

Things undreamed of in my youth are now not the stuff of science fiction but the actuality of modern life...what next I wonder?

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  1. I can understand you wanting to retain all of David's stuff, perhaps in an order that you can find things if you need them. A bit like your data storage, organised but in a higgedly piggedly fashion that suits your way of doing things.

    I love to organise my online storage into folders, but occasionally upload or save stuff, without allocating it to a folder - so a monthly cleanup is required. But good fun and works well for me.

    Having online storage is great for me, as I train for LLM, and cooperate with others on projects - we do our editing and working online with stuff saved as new editions of the same documents Worked well last term and will hopefully do the same this term.