Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tech stuff.

This is an experiment. Having bought a new iPad mini I am trying to introduce it to all my old ways.

Blogger and Blogsie as well as Ggogle are being fairly resistant to the change and Apple send me emails to tell me that I am sending all my normal activities by a different route! As a precaution against hacking I am in favour of this but sometimes it's just tedious.

The iPad mini is small , wonderful light and appears to have a mind of its own so I'm attempting to send this now as a tiny trial.....


  1. It seems to have worked so I can sleep easy tonight. In theory!

  2. I'm in awe Jean. You are so comfortable with technology whereas I regard it as an alien 'ology' and am in fear of its powers.
    On average I learn just about one new (to me) technique in 6 months.
    My age is showing :-)

    1. I'm not really comfortable with it all....I just refuse to give in!