Friday, 8 May 2015

The bloody aftermath.

What a night! I can't believe that anyone could have been bored watching the results pour in....

Dreams shattered, hopes rising only to fall again in due course, drama in abundance!

I spent the night dipping in and out of Twitter, chatting to old friends not contacted for years but no one could have guessed how the drama would play out...

I went to bed once the end could be was gone three in the morning.

Today, listening to the radio I have looked for the result for Truro to find the lady doctor who has been a good MP has been returned to the house of Commnons....the Green candidate did well though so honour is satisfied, I just wish she'd got more votes than UKIP !

The political map having changed for ever we now have to take stock...The Scottish lion really has roared...but like most of us I have no way of seeing how this can affect the future for the UK .

I am glad to have got rid of Nick Clegg but I feel very sorry for the Lib Dems who have suffered humiliation seldom glimpsed before.

Individual dramas played out , seats lost, votes gained. There has to be a considerable period of readjustment to new circumstances for us all....Party leaders may well have to face their own party electorate. It's difficult to see how Milliband and Clegg can survive this haulocaust.

I just pray for the poor , the disabled and the disadvantaged... for those who have lost their seats in the general election! And for us all during the next five years!

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