Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Witches wart!

Ok. I've come back from the hospital where I saw a dermatologist . For at least eight years I have had what I have been calling a wart on my face! It has never bothered me. I made a joke of it , calling it my witches wart! David said it was not unsightly so I never bothered about it.

My doctor sent me to get it checked!

When I first moved here I had to have a hysterectomy and a very good friend accompanied me before and after and was simply wonderful...you know who you are!

Going off to Medical appointments as a single old woman is daunting...and I'm much older now! My good friend of fifteen years ago has since moved so I was very relieved when a much newer friend volunteered to take me...

It's not either good news or bad news....it is a carcinoma but a fairly benign one! Because it is very close to one eye the operation to remove it has to be done by an eye specialist. Arghhhh!

Now is when I'm missing David most. He would have put his arms around me and made me feel safe!

However with the help of good friends I can do this....I've played the "Is it worth bothering with at my age card?" The answer seems to be that I need to get it fixed....so I will....

I blogged my way through my husbands illness so there seems no reason why I can't do much the same with my much smaller problem. ...I hope not to bore you !


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