Friday, 29 May 2015

Words count!

This morning the first thing I did was turn the heating back on! It's been off for all of three days! A spell of glorious weather has now given way to the's blowing outside!

Somehow this fits with my mood perfectly.

A whole series of phone calls, emails and actual letters has brought my appearance into sharp focus.

A letter from the hospital telling me when to report in and what to bring with me has further increased some butterflies inside.....

I was fine until the letter arrived that described the wart as a malignant carsonoma. Help!

Going for day surgery to remove an unsightly blip is not the same as removing something that would be a threat if left alone!

This letter sent me scurrying back to loads of old photos...I didn't have it on my wedding day or my ordination day but there it is a couple of years later and it was small but has definitely grown......

I was just too busy in those first years to even notice it.

I am working this weekend with a sermon to write....just as well.

Once my brain is getting to work on Trinity Sunday there will be no room left in it for worrying about next week!

Onwards and upwards Lord!

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