Thursday, 4 June 2015

Back to almost normal.

At the risk of boring you all to death I can report that I am definitely getting better....the bruising is now a small area and reducing daily. There is no pain which is today I am going out,

The wind has dropped, it's warm outside and I need to run my car. The worst news of the year is that our local garage has closed....

It was only a few hundred yards down the road and the lovely bloke in charge always got me out of trouble when I needed it...

Everyone in the village is worrying about it...and in my case it means that I have to be sure the battery is charged so I will need to take it out for regular runs, wasting diesel and clogging up the roads!

Today I need to actually go into the village to do some shopping before zipping off for a run but I am now confident that I'm not going to frighten the horses. People will not have to comment on my present appearance because if I wear large sun glasses my bruises are not visible.

Normality is returning in all sorts of is becoming good again! There is so much to be thankful for. And I am!




  1. [*] good to hear. Perhaps you need to appoint a personal mechanic, on call to magically jump out of the boot of the car at any sign of breakdown? Do you have another garage nearby that you trust? I always find that satisfactory garages are few and far between. We've used the family business around the corner from us for over 25 years - and they're now in the third generation working there. That's the sort of business that seems to thrive through word of mouth recommendations and with no frills and PR, just sound advice, reasonable prices and good craftsmen.

    1. There are a couple of good garages in the villages but they are both about fifteen miles away down twisty lanes...I trust both of them...but they are going to be very they don't do MOTs! Arghhhh

  2. Having met a lot of people on my walk through the village I am pleased not to have scared anyone .... Much anyway!