Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Future planning.

This time last year I had taken my first flight alone to get to our time share in Madeira! I am not going this year....the hassle of the flights left me feeling ambivalent about the whole idea....

I have saved our week and may take two together next year.... We shall see!

All the photographs going back for six years turned up this morning in my Timehop really is a beautiful place.

The sun shining on the sea and the pool show why we enjoyed it all so much...but here in Cornwall we are having a lovely summer too!

Yesterday I sat outside on and off having carefully anointed myself with sun protection!

I painted my toe nails pink, dug out various light summer clothes and felt ready to take up real life again....

so of course there is no sign of the sun this morning!

I have booked the next about a month I will set off for another epic journey.....

I explained to a friend last week that it's very important at this stage of my life to have things to look forward to.... and I have...

Climbing out of this period of uncertainty is taking an effort....but I am back to planning for the future..which assumes that there is one.....please God.


  1. Sounds positive, after all that you've been through in the last year or so. And a trip will do you good. I suspect a cruise, but it might be something totally different - you're keeping us in suspense.

    Prayers for your continuing recovery and future planning.

  2. If you decide to fly why not tick the special assistance box on your flight The staff are amazing and wiz me through the awful bits (albeit in a wheelchair ) and deposit me by the gate and then see me to my seat It's worth it and so am I

    1. Just now I have nothing booked which involves a flight but what you suggest is certainly worth a thought! I think your probably braver than me though!