Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hand reading!

My grandmother was in every sense of the word a wise woman. I lived with her for several years as a small child because my parents were both involved in the war effort. During that time she taught me a lot.
Teaching me about the healing properties of wild flowers was only one part of her wisdom. She also taught me how to read hands...
This is not a subject that anyone with half a brain would admit to but in fact she did...I have always known the names of all the lines on my palm in the same way that I knew the names and properties of flowers.
I have used this bit of esoteric knowledge occasionally during my life and checked the hands of my babies when they were tiny.
It's not something that anyone in this day and age would freely admit to...but it's not's just something I am aware yesterday when I looked at my own hand I did a quick double take...
It has changed...the main lines are still there of course but they seem to be heading in different directions....
I suppose given the fact that my life has changed drastically over the last couple of years I shouldn't be too surprised that my hand has too!
Granny , where are you? I could use a good palmist right now!

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