Thursday, 4 June 2015

Not scary!

On day two of recovery I am already feeling much better! The purple bruising has subsided wonderfully...the pain only comes when I touch it inadvertently., like when I turned over badly in the night! But I did sleep well again.

I now have a vertical black line under the eye which looks like an exclamation mark.....I have taken pics but I shall refrain from posting them in case it frightens the horses!

Phone calls cheered me yesterday and I am eating quite well.

My only concern now is going to have my stitches out the week after next! I am not looking forward to tha!

But I have stopped worrying about the christening on Sunday. For a little while it seemed that the baby might be rather startled to see a pirate throwing water over her! But I'm not going to be wearing an eye patch...

By Sunday I should be rather interesting but not scary!

The support of friends has been wonderful.. ....Facing this on my own has been made much easier than it might have been without my husband and children but very good friends have stepped into the breach wonderfully. Thank you God!


  1. If your bruising and swelling goes as quickly as mine did after my nose-smash episode you will look fairly normal quite soon, and even better without the 'wart'.
    Just treat yourself gently and kindly for a while and you'll soon be back in fighting form. :-)

  2. [*] continue here. And hoping that you're not too scary for the Baptism at the weekend. It's good that you're a quick healer, I know that it takes a little longer the older you get. And, because of my diabetes I have to be ultra careful about every little cut or nick, particularly to the feet. I still don't understand how I'm still diabetic, when my blood sugar is at or below, normal levels? But the Dr keeps saying there's no cure you need to stay on medication for life - boring really.