Saturday, 27 June 2015

One God.

There can be few things more desperately awful than being gunned down on a beach.....I have listened to the accounts this morning of the people, thinking themselves safe, enjoying a holiday in the sun being shot down by a lone gun man!
What makes it worse is that it could literally have happened anywhere....even here in Cornwall. The mind set of the suicide bomber is to accept your own death whilst determining to take as many people with you as possible.
I have friends who always holiday in one of the beautiful resorts along the Mediterranean coast. Several friends who go always go to Turkey with great joy...
I intended a trip to Istanbul sometime in the future....I won't be going now.
One lone gunman finding soft targets on a beach has introduced a new terror into the world...and it's not just of's of finding ourselves held responsible for the sins of the world....
I liked what David Cameron said yesterday about the Muslim religion....Allah is a God of peace...those who are using his name to perpetrate terror are his enemies.
But what we can do to stop it is impossible to imagine now....except to God...we can pray to Allah we pray to Jesus...One God we all share...Salaam Alekum.

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