Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pollen count is high!

The run of good weather has left me with a recurrent problem..... I am sneezing for Britain!

Until I reached about thirty I used to regret always having a summer cold. I did all my important exams with running eyes and had become a joke in the household along the lines of "No you can't speak to mum....she's off sneezing again! "

It only occurred to me that it might be hay fever after seeing my daughter with a runny nose and realising that I was seeing a toddlers version of what I'd got!

It took another ten years to also realise that my occasional breathing problems in the height of summer were in fact caused by asthma...

A visit to the doctor confirmed this self diagnosis and I came away with my first spray!

Down here in Cornwall the air is very clean compared to where I lived in Lancashire but during the height of summer the pollen counts rise dramatically in a good year!

Mostly I just sneeze. An asthma attack only happens if I am doing something energetic so this isn't much of a problem any more.

The whole subject of allergic reactions has become commonplace now but I'm not sure if we really understand it...why it happens, how it happens that we can have an adverse reaction to some things and not to others.

My daughters problems were much worse than mine and she had a day In outpatients at the local hospital when scratch tests left her with an itchy blotchy arm. She turned out to be allergic to a huge range of things.

Her breathing though rapidly improved when at six she learned how to play first a recorder and then a flute. Once a regular pattern of practicing music was put in place her asthma attacks became a thing of the past! Going to live in Summerset further helped the problem so I was expecting the same for me living in Cornwall.

I still sneeze my way through the summers of course...but it's a small,price to pay for all this glory and living so close to the sea keeps the worst at bay! Thank you God!


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