Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Green Pope!

Yesterday the Pope called for more green solutions to the energy problem. He has clearly realised that this is a world wide problem to be tackled by us all. Climate change means more people get affected by massive winds, storms, earthquakes and all the strange things happening around the world.

In this country the government is encouraging fracking by removing some of the by laws set up to protect us.

Here in Cornwall we feel safe...we are perched on granite which is supposed to be difficult to tunnel!

Until recently living in an area of outstanding natural beauty meant that we actually were safe from interference from those who would profit from mining for shale gas.

In David's last years he explored the possibility of installing a wind turbine in our garden. It would be a very small one and couldn't have been seen from the would also have supplied electricity to all the homes around us...

When he brought this up with the various council officials who can decide these things they poured scorn on the whole idea!

On this farm a hundred years ago there was a windmill....the main road is called Windmill Hill. Harnessing the power of the wind here is an obvious solution to using up the fossil fuels which are said to be running out....

The solar tiles on my roof are now generating a lot of farms are growing around the world, except here! Our government would rather frack!

There are ways of keeping the electricity flowing that do not involved jetting water into the ground to free the gas...

A tidal flow generator is planned for Cardif Bay.......some time in the future..

Isn't it time to put our resources into backing these green solutions all over the world...the Pope speaks to far more people than Western leaders do....I hope they listen to his words!

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