Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Too much talk!

Yesterday was as near normal as I've had for some time....lots of meetings going on all day and into the evening...

It's fairly well known I think that I really don't like meetings....formal or otherwise.

Some people who seem to enjoy talking often feel they have to contribute to every subject, sometimes covering the same ground already addressed...

Three meetings during a day left me the last one I barely contributed...I was talked out!

Most people would vouchsafe the information that I can always produce chat but as I get older the words are becoming fewer ...which might be a relief all round!

As well as the meetings...I had a visitor and a neighbour called in!

By the end of the day I was very tired...I have got used to being quiet and actually love my solitary life.

Maybe I am becoming anti social...I have turned down two proposed outings as well as all the things I can't avoid....

During this lovely spell of weather I have dug out several hats...the knowledge of skin cancer has made sure that I will be very careful from now I am cutting a fairly romantic figure, drifting along the solitary lane, picking the gooseberries and encouraging the raspberries wearing a wide brimmed pink sun hat!

My life is becoming very different now....but it's the one I chose for myself...It suits me!


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