Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Travelling on....

The wonderful Timehop app reminds me today of just how busy this time of  year has always been. This time last year I was spending my last day in Madeira waiting for an evening flight home.
Two more entries into this blog reveal that this was also our time to travel to Henley....there are wonderful photos of David in his whites and an ancient blazer and boater! Another pic recaptures the glory of the Pimms bar where ladies in big hats teetered perilously on very high heels digging into the turf!
At the end of the week is the anniversary of my priesting....ten years! In those days we were all priested in our parish churches after some unseemly scuffles at the door of the cathedral. Strange to think now how far the collective mind has travelled during those ten years...
Petertide is an important anniversary for many of us...And I give thanks for all the clergy who turned up that day to help with the laying on of hands...the passing on of Apostolic succession. In my case there were about fifteen people ranging from the bishop to all the local priests, including a Methodist minister and the local Roman Catholic priest .
It was an amazing day of high emotion which changed my life for ever!
So much has happened in the intervening years so I am now looking forward to the next ten!
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