Monday, 22 June 2015

Travelling with bees!

A quick look at the diary reveals a busy week....

Yesterday I visited the local garden centre and as well as some smaller plants I got an amazing tall pot of sweet peas in full flower. It had to travel behind the front passenger seat and some of it extended very close to my I was not happy to hear buzzing! I was taking home a stray bee!

I opened all the windows...but realised this could make the problem worse when the buzzing increased...

The journey home took about 20 minutes...then I had to get the big pot out of the car! It stood nearly as tall as me in full glorious flower!

I saw at least two bees during this period..and wondered if having been transported miles from their home hive they could get back safely or if the local bees would kill interlopers....

I hope they survived because the sweet peas are simply wonderful...but we really need the bees.

This summer, following a good year last year the bees are back. The wild flower bits of my garden are buzzing....too many to count in contrast to the year when I had to go out with my camel hair brush to fertilise the apples trees!

I hope the bees who travelled with me yesterday got safely home...I am looking forward to the honey from out local bee has wonderful healing , soothing properties...we kill these busy creatures at our peril...


  1. You must be the only woman in Cornwall who runs a bee transport company.
    Do you realise if they did get back home you may have a queue on your doorstep tomorrow morning. Bees are notorious gossips. :-)

  2. Never sure about transporting Bee's - God gave them wings to do their own stuff.