Monday, 1 June 2015

Wet and windy again!

The weather has taken up centre stage in today's thoughts.....

Tomorrow is the day I have day surgery and have to be in place fairly early . So today we have a severe weather warning . A great wind will blow up later this afternoon and still be in place in the morning.

It has brought back the absolute horror of the weeks when I was taking David for his radio therapy when great storms battered the coast. Every morning I had to check to see if the local ferry was running otherwise it was a long drive to get to the hospital. We always made it even whilst massive damage played havoc with buildings, sea walls and snapping flag poles....

It's June now not winter and yet here we are again...back to checking the tides and ferries!

The irony of this is not lost on me! Early summer gales often damage newly growing fruit...I have learned to live with this. It is part of the cost of living in the most beautiful place in the world!

Today I pack a bag . It's not even an overnight stay, but I have to take my dressing gown and's all bringing back the events of last year when I packed bags for David very frequently....

You can see where my thoughts are going today....I am really not gloomy....but I am reliving a particularly traumatic period of my life whilst hopefully getting rid of my carcinoma.

Life plays odd tricks on us all...this one is just one more blip along the way....


  1. "May God hold you in the palm of his hand" Prayers and blessings Jean X

    1. Reading that Ray made all the hairs rise up on the back of my neck.. I had just been listening to a folk song I used to sing with my son..."May the road rise to meet you" the last line of which contains your blessing. Thank you!

  2. [*] from here as well. I sincerely hope that all goes well and that by the time you read this, you'll be safely home and recovering.