Thursday, 23 July 2015

Arrived in Iceland.

The bad weather from yesterday subsided during the afternoon but only after we had all gone along grabbing the handrails to get from A to B. It is not as stable as the Cunard liners.

I am making friends quite well now. It's amazing how many single people are on this ship!

Tomorrow we get to Iceland. I am going to sit in the Blue lagoon, as promoted by two good friends. Fully aware that the water is supposed to be full of healing properties I may just be praying as well whilst I am sitting there... I would dearly like to go home without my lumps and bumps!

People are dragging me along kicking and screaming to various shows...going to an Elvis extravaganza is definitely a step too far but I will give tonight's comedian a try! There are little tables around the theatre and the one next to me will have a comforting something to carry me through....

I absolutely refuse to queue....if one forms I will sit down with my drink till it's all gone! I am becoming a stroppy old woman these days...ahem....


The sun shines. It's not cold here in Iceland! We are now moored in a lovely place in sight of mountains and nylon sea! My trip is not till after lunch so the boat is now very quiet. At breakfast I asked for a pancake and got three! I only ate one but those of us alive during the war regret waste so I was tempted to take those left with feed the fish...but I fought it!

It is a beautiful but alien landscape out out...I am looking forward to getting closer!


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