Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Coasting schools .

Yesterday's pronouncement on Education worried me. Nicky Morgan said she was trying to improve our schools and the education they offered and some new rules would be introduced.

Schools that were coasting would be taken in hand! Coasting? Isn't this another word for staying much the same from year to year....a word for stability in fact..

Not all schools can achieve wonderful results......a school in an inner city for instance may not do as well in the achievement stakes as one in the countryside. A school made up of children from disadvantaged backgrounds may have much poorer results than one in an area of middle class families and it would not be the fault of the teachers.

A school whose results stayed much the same year by year might well be described as coasting...

But the really scary bit of the announcement was that a failing school would be compelled to become an academy.

This seems to have become a threat!

The determination to get rid of the traditional local authority's responsibility for education as widely as possible was one promoted by the previous Education Secretary. It held all all sorts of promises for the future...including more money as a bribe......

I am not against Academies on principle but I have started to wonder what the real,aim is feels like the same sort of privatisation that is happening to the NHS and yesterday's pronouncement further worried me...especially the description of "coasting"



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