Saturday, 4 July 2015

Cooking as comedy?

It's been a while since sitting on my own I have laughed out loud at something on the TV.

Watching stuff on the Television on my own I find myself sitting with programmes I would never have watched with my husband...I am experimenting with drama, soap and what has become known as reality TV. Once is often enough....having dipped in to channels I never knew existed before I seldom go back....pressing the button that leads me to the next channel I have no idea where I am at times...and if I do find something I enjoy I can't find it again the following night.....

Last night though it was a programme I used to watch with David having discovered it by accident one night. Master chef has several formats and last night it was an episode from Celebrity Masterchef...

Usually I am filled with admiration for the efforts of them all. Last night the words that started off the laughter was when Greg said in a low voice, "Dont make me eat it! "

It wasn't that they couldn't cook, they obviously could...and they tackled everything with gusto , maybe too much so!

It was just funny....I laughed right through to the end...feeling a mixture of disbelief and admiration.

Sitting laughing outloud on my own did me good I'm sure....I'm just not sure about the contestants. My condolences to the losers!




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