Sunday, 19 July 2015

Dodgy Internet.

The first day at sea being a Sunday I went to church...naturally. This was in a fairly glamorous room with a dance floor surrounded by comfy swivel was incongruous to say the least but it was also heart felt and sincere. I have now got the sea farers version of the 23rd psalm and will use it whenever applicable. It's beautiful....

I am now after a walk around the deck having a Long Island iced tea!

This habit started on our very first cruise....David was amused when the bar tender told him he'd have to guide me home....they are very potent! But I've e enjoyed them every trip since...and may well continue till my final curtain!

There are a lot of singles on this trip...more than any other I've been on...finding someone to talk to is never going to be a problem...

Getting on the internet might be!

My iPhone is still bringing my emails..But to get the iPad included is quite difficult. There are only two places on board when I can get it....I'm not yet ready to try....but if this is ever read you'll know I've managed it!

Interesting first night....I slept with one light on, the wardrobes were lit up too but the loo remained darling throughout....early this morning I shouted for help! It's simple when you know how!

I am now hopefully able to use the net but it's likely to be unreliable....sorry.

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