Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Meter reading!

It was an odd day yesterday....fortunately I was up and dressed fairly early . I have been in the habit of getting up a little later than I used to mostly because of my bad habit of staying up late watching boxed sets of various kinds. Ahem

, I was surprised to find a young man on my doorstep at ten past eight in the morning! I was even more surprised when he informed me that he had been sent by my electricity company to check my meter!

On the whole we don't have people reading meters out here. We read our own and send in the results. That apparently simple process sounds easy. It's not.

For a start I have two meters, one to record the amount of electricity generated by the solar tiles on the roof! The other to measure the amount I use daily!

My solar tile meter is up a ladder in a dark place where a torch has to be used to see the numbers! This makes for difficulty for the person reading and writing the numbers with one hand whilst holding on for dear life with the other!

So I get help! At meter reading demands I collar any poor unsuspecting visitor to either hold the ladder or go up it themselves!

The solar panel meter is not in a good place and sending it through by email can be tricky too...

For the last reading I had jumped through all the hoops....got it off and received an amazing sum of money back ......about three times more than any previous reading....but we have had some wonderful weather!

I think I can assume that yesterday's inspection was because of this so I am all set to have it taken away again.....

My normal electricity meter is outside the house....behind a creaking door which bangs in the gales so this is very firmly pushed shut by a large plank....I have to get help to read that one too..

I remember the days when a man would arrive quarterly , read the meter and depart . Life has never been so simple since we opted for a Cornish farmhouse!

I am glad to have the solar tiles. I just wish they were easier to read!



  1. Surprised he was able to get up so early :)

    We had those new Digital Meters fitted a few months ago - so need to read the meters. Once a month they contact the supplier and pass on the information. Simpler than the old thing, when you could have a meter reader turning up at 9 or 10 pm. Our gas meter is outside, but the electric one is indoors. We wanted to move it outside as well, but it would have cost nearly a grand to do so. So, we gave that a miss.

    1. Your new metered sound wonderful...I suspect they haven't got down here yet!