Thursday, 16 July 2015

Operation Stack!

Oh dear. I have half a night left at home before setting off for pastures new. I am catching a boat surprises there. It's in Dover. So imagine my joy to get an email a short while ago telling me I'm going to run into Operation Stack!

I had completely forgotten about the channel problems and about all the poor people trying to get here from abroad via the channel ports.....

We are advised that we might need to set off a little earlier .......

I am being picked up about 4 o'clock in the morning...any earlier and there's no point in going to bed!

This is me being extremely selfish...I am not keen on travelling all day in a bus..even on a mini bus but it's still better than doing the driving myself.

I was already dreading the journey from one side of England to the other though it was my regular journey from Essex to Cornwall and back for years. But I'm older now!

The first time I drove the Discovery from here to there took about ten hours... I got faster as my confidence grew. The first time I thought I was doomed to stay on the M25 for ever because I would never get up the nerve to change lanes! I got used to it!

Someone else driving has much to recommend it...fingers crossed I can sleep en route!

I just hope it's not too traumatic.......

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