Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Out exploring.

We have arrived in the Faroe Islands. Torshaven was clearly the safe haven of Tor , a Viking chief...

It is grey, damp and much colder than it was on deck yesterday. I will stroll out later and this afternoon take a coach ride around the island. This is so different from all the other places I've visited that it's quite disconcerting....looking out I see many houses clustered together with roofs made of grass! It's taking the notion of thatching one stage further!

Later....walking into town was easy! It's very homespun but delightful! I felt safe walking the streets alone...the same cannot be said for many of the places I've visited in the past.

I had coffee in a shop made out of recycled materials....old furniture chucked out , old clothes now discarded and brought back to life on unlikely looking models....home knitted socks and hats were attractive but I just had my coffee and chatted to the girl who had put it all together so that it looked homely and attractive!

The main shops had lots of throws , hats and capes and it was all very heavy duty !

The girl in the Coffee shop said they had no summer! I was dressed in heavy jeans , two tops and my Barbour...I can't imagine what it might be like in winter!

This afternoon I am going by coach right round the island...I will take photographs!


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