Monday, 27 July 2015

Sea Day

We are now into the second week and have left Iceland behind. A certificate vouchsafing my arrival in the Arctic circle sits on my pillow. It will go nicely with my certificates for crossing the equator!

Tomorrow is another sea day for which grateful thanks...I woke up very tired this morning having lost an hour during the night!

A day at sea is mostly relaxation. Competitions are held for various things...singing, dancing, etc but tonight was a gala night. It was formal which means the blokes had to wear dinner suits!

It also meant a liberal splashing out of bubbly..... I was even given a glass at breakfast time which is a really weird concept...especially as I was en route to the interdenominational service...

Wherever I go on board now there are people I know...friends of only a few days nattering away about long lost loves, past cruises, future cruises and all ports in between...

I am feeling very bright...something which has not happened for a couple of years! And when it all gets too much there is always my cabin with the added extra of the life boat taking up most of the view! It doesn't really matter just now because the Arctic circle is foggy....little can be seen beyond a few feet but it doesn't seem to have slowed down our speed and I haven't noticed any look outs evident! If we did meet an iceberg we would just know by the crunching!

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