Saturday, 25 July 2015

Strange but beautiful!

Yesterday was a day when the realisation of just how we depend on satellite techknowledge hit us all. We were moored in a fiord where the sides towered above signal could be found....therefor no wifi!

Eventually when we moved out normal service was resumed in the shape of the BBC world news!

I really like Iceland. It s very beautiful. But not for everyone. The young woman who was our guide on the bus tour spoke in vivid language, unaware I think that for some people it was slightly shocking...she had no idea of what is acceptable speech in English and whats not so I am not sure why the people who complained got so cross!

This country is very fortunate in the thermal springs that give them free hot water in every home and very unfortunate in that during the winter it's not just sunlight that is missing it's any ligt at all!

Back on board I looked at what remains. Tomorrow we go to Aykora . I have no way of knowing what to expect and have got used to being amazed at the complete strangeness of what we are seeing day by day...

I am though getting tired. I will try to rest a bit today before setting off for another tour...

Making friends is easy here. I have no Idea what proportion of the guests on board are single but there are a lot of us about! Thank goodness.

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