Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A haven of peace?

I have no plans for today! I've given up making plans because nothing at the moment ever works out!

Yesterday was at times total chaos...

Today is blessedly clear.....but how long that will last I don't know but I am hoping for a quiet day!

The broadband connection joined in with all the other problems yesterday . To upload any of the emails took minutes. In some cases hours!

I am blaming the fact that Cornwall is bursting at the seams right now. Glorious weather has brought even more visitors and the next two weeks will be very busy indeed....People pop in and out here .but Tregear Vean is a haven of peace compared to the rest of Cornwall....and that's on a bad day!

My garden is glorious, punctuated with traffic noise as the road outside links St Mawes with the rest of Cornwall....but this is a small problem compared to everywhere else. If I sit under a tree with head phones on listening to an audio book it is as close to joy as it's possible to get right now!

Fruit on the trees is ripening....apples are looking fat and red ...from now it's a question of keeping the birds off the best of it though the blackberries are not yet ready to pick...

I am waiting for September before I visit any beaches...I know how full they are right now!

The car sits on the drive. The house sparkles in its new gleaming whiteness. All is well.....no plans at all!



  1. Sounds like a restful day. I hope that it stays like that :)

  2. Hope you are enjoying your brief easy day and that the weather stays good for you.
    Here it has been cold enough for October and I've forgotten what the sun looks like.
    'They' are promising rain for tomorrow but I am so used to this and nothing materialising that I shall as usual set off to St M's minus brolly.
    Have just looked out of the window and we have rain clouds, but they are robably on their way elsewhere:-)