Monday, 31 August 2015


August Bank holiday is now in old age a day to stay at home....I am not venturing forth today and nothing is better placed to make me all too aware of my age!

I have book marked today as the day I get to grips with the activity app on my apple watch!

I activated it yesterday in the late afternoon so obviously missed most of the goals set for me !

The one aim that I did manage to get was the standing one! I had after all presided at a service in the morning so that was standing all the way! At one point during the evening I felt a buzz on my wrist to tell me I had achieved one of my goals! This apparently is called a haptic! My vocabulary is enlarging daily!

The bit on the app that puzzles me is the calory count! How on earth can it know what I eating?

I am not intending to take any of this too seriously....allowing a mechanical process to take over my life is not a good thought...

It's a good way of spending a Bank holiday though...and by next week I hope to get my broadband back after the exodus.

Every day at present it takes up to half an hour to just get this blog posted on line....I leave it to itS own devices whilst I shower off we go...fingers crossed.....but don't tell the watch!



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