Monday, 10 August 2015

Another daft cruise story

Before I set sail on the last cruise a good friend asked me look out for two men he knew who were going on the same cruise. He said they would also be looking out for me.

So a couple of days out...after I'd settled in I started to look out for a male couple one of whom was called Geof!

One night I noticed a couple of men I had seen before having a pre dinner drink. So over I went to ask if one of them was called Geoff! Neither was so I retreated.

Over the first week it became obvious that there were very few male couples on board! I expected to see meetings for the friends of Dorothy advertised in the daily program but non appeared..

By the end of the first week I asked the first two men I'd approached to be on the look out for me. We had a good conversation before going into dinner. We were all ex teachers!

By the end of the second week they had not found any other couple until the last night when they pointed me to another table where two men sat in solitary style. Neither was called Geof and the disabled young man was accompanied by another man who was clearly his carer.

The embarrassment factor was considerable especially as the teachers were quietly killing themselves laughing near bye !

My search stopped there and when I got home I told the friend who had asked me to contact the blokes that I'd failed...

"Oh well they obviously went on a different cruise" he said happily. Now he tells me!


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