Saturday, 8 August 2015

Busy August!

Waking up at five this morning I was able to reflect that today was a normal day....the first one for weeks! I went straight back to sleep for a couple of hours!

Now awake I can be quietly content. My car arrived home finally yesterday and although I gulped when I paid for all the repairs it has given me massive satisfaction to be able to go out and pat it!

The house is looking good too....the painter is using his initiative in a very creative way and is also mending woodwork as he goes! He will be back on Monday!

Yesterday I actually listened to a sales call on my mobile...instead of simply switching it off! The result is that my new iPhone 6 will also arrive on Monday . It will be 4G enabled!

Life is starting to feel normal again! Today I am going to lunch with a friend...tomorrow I have the early morning communion.

August here is always different....we are very full indeed right now....parking anywhere has its problems..but as its only one month of the year we can cope!

Several people I met on the Fred boat have been in touch..after we all swopped email addresses...this is one of the good things about cruising that many people don't really appreciate. I am still in touch with several people met years ago on various ships..

The sun is shining...I have my big hats at the ready! Alleluia !


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